July 11-14: Lightning, Fish Soup, and Other Highlights of the Past Four Days

Fish Caught: Ben, one, Pike, 24 inches, fried
Seth, one, Pike, 23.999 inches, souped
Rafts Inflated: 5
Rafts Deflated*: 2.2
Rafts Deflated Accidentally: 2.2 (Anton’s raft was extremely deflated, we’re counting it extra)
Mosquito Quotient Max: 28
Mosquito Quotient Min: 0 (Today!)
Max Temperature: 32 Celsius
Min Temperature: 12 Celsius
Duration Between Min and Max Temps: A few hours

*Raft statistics not cumulative


Thanks so much to all of you who have been sending us messages on our satellite phones–they have been great to read every few days when we turn the phones on. Keep sending! Go Giants! And thanks again to Lindy for putting up all of our posts.


We’ve moved our camp 30 km downriver (this was three days ago). We were on the river for more than eight hours, with several stops for geology. We woke up at 8 AM and didn’t set up our tents until midnight. A very long day.But soon after we finally got to sleep the weather soured. We woke up at 4:30 AM with our tents flattened down on top of us from the wind, booming thunder, and enough lightning to make a grown man (Seth) cry.

Soon after the rain let up the next afternoon, the mosquitos seized their opportunity and struck; the Quotient skyrocketed to 28.      During official conformation of the Quotient, Ben slapped the mosquitos on Seth’s shoulder and his hand was literally wet with mosquito innards.

We spent today on a beautifull but very steep section of rock a few miles upriver from camp. Our camp is on the opposite side of the river from the section, so we hiked with the deflated raft well beyond the outcrop, infated the raft and paddled back to our final destination. From here we went nearly straight up, measured section, took samples, and had a great feast (see above).  After we were finished with geology for the day, we hopped back into our raft and lounged sidesaddle. The current carried us [somewhat] effortlessly back to camp. A fitting end to a great day.


2 Responses to “July 11-14: Lightning, Fish Soup, and Other Highlights of the Past Four Days”

  1. I think that I heard that Seth’s fish was actually bigger than Ben’s, but that Ben bit off the tail.

  2. Heard from Ben today and they are in Kayak for a hot shower and few days rest. They are healthy, despite all the bugs, and looking to explore a new section of the river when they take off again.

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