Number of clothing items changed in the past 6 days: 0.

We have decided to add some statistics to our blog posts in order to convey the state of the expedition in a nutshell. These will be updated as conditions change.

Mosquito Quotient (equal to the number of mosquitoes you can kill with one slap): 4*
Number of mosquitoes eaten: Ben 4, Seth 1.
Hot Sauce Remaining: 2.8 bottles
Russian words we have mispronounced: tva million (two million?)
Ben’s favorite Russian language exercise: counting from one to five happy, healthy caribou.
Seth’s favorite: Laughing at Anya’s face when she hears Ben attempt to say 4 happy healthy caribou.
Boats inflated: 2.5
Boats defated: 2.5
Boats deflated on purpose: 1.5

*Although the carnage on the wall above Ben’s bed would suggest the Mosquito Quotient is more like a 10. And a late night outdoor boat cleaning (which will de discussed in detail in a later post) suddenly increased the quotient to somewhere in the ballpark of 15.


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