We’ve got a free day… Let’s find the bumper cars!


We had a free day today while we waited for our flight to Krasnoyarsk tomorrow morning. We took the metro downtown. Seth used his first moments in Red Square to squat and pretend to be a Cossack soldier (see photo above). We saw Red Square, Lenin’s tomb, the Kremlin, and Moscow State University–a few of Moscow’s major attractions. Along the way we had a bride- spotting contest. The rules were simple: you had to see the white dress, and if you falsely shouted out that you saw a bride, you lost a point. By the end of the day, Ben only had a narrow lead, despite a streak of six brides in a row in Red Square. The final total: Ben, 12; Seth, 10. Whenever the brides grew scarce, we switched to spotting mullets, which were always plentiful. In this contest Seth came out way, way ahead. All of this mullet-spotting has convinced Seth that the mullet is a haircut he cannot live without. His major goals for this trip are now: (1) to find as many dateable rocks as possible from the Traps, and (2) to grow enough party in the back to qualify him for Mullet Elite status.


One of the major highlights for the day, however, was definitely the dilapidated and half-abandoned amusement park we came across on our way back to the hotel. We were concerned that we were slightly taller than most of the other patrons–would we be allowed to ride? The ticket taker assured us that if we paid 40 rubles (about $1.50) we could take whichever rides we wanted. Ben shoved aside several small children in his haste to board the Crazy Bus, which (as you can see from the picture above) was definitely pretty crazy.


After Ben’s stomach regained its composure, we focused our attention on convincing the attendant that we could indeed fit into the bumper cars. Success. As you may well know, choosing the correct bumper car from the fleet is crucial. Ben went for the darkhorse Samurai in pink. Seth, being the patriot he is, went for the clear alpha car in red, white, and blue. Turns out that the pink car was well-tuned and the patriot-mobile was on its last leg. Regardless, the impacts were fierce.

Although today was lots of fun, we are getting antsy and we are definitely ready to get in the field to do what it is we are here to do.


2 Responses to “We’ve got a free day… Let’s find the bumper cars!”

  1. what the hell is a mullet, besides a kind of fish?

  2. I hope you eat some ham and cheese (or marmalade) sandwiches before you head into the field. Have a great trip!

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