Moscow: The Arrival

greenland seth

moscowstreet satphone
We are sucessfully in Moscow!!  We flew over Greenland on the way, and saw the fringes of the ice sheet calving into the North Atlantic. A few black nunataks punched up through the glacier. The picture at the top left gives you a ballpark idea of how spectacular the view was.

Overall the flight went very smoothly. Our bags were searched in Boston and drew laughter from the TSA agents because they could not believe that we wanted to take 50 pounds of plastic bags to Russia (“You don’t have … Seven rolls of tape in your backpack, do you?”).  Seth was stopped and searched in Moscow, resulting in more laughter–partly because of the bewildered look on his face when the customs officer started talking to him in Russian, and partly because the X-Ray revealed that he was ferrying 12 hammers in a heavily fortified suitcase.

Volodia’s daughter Marina was nice enough to meet us at the airport, get us a car, accompany us to our hotel, check us in, and get us into our room.  As a thank-you, Ben has promised to bring back some caribou for her from Khatanga–either a head or a leg, her choice.  After checking in, we met with Roma and Anya for a traditional Russian dinner where Ben had borscht and Seth ate a pattied version of chicken with pulverized potatoes.  We also gave Roma the hammers we brought for him…he was really really excited about his new hammers.

After dinner Roma and Anya described the plan for the next few days. We will be flying to Krasnoyarsk early Sunday morning. We will stay overnight in Krasnoyarsk and then catch our flight to Khatanga. These two flights will take a total of 10 hours–which gives you a sense of the shocking size of this country. The total flying time from Boston to Khatanga will by then be 22 hours.

From Khatanga we will take motorboats directly upstream on the Kotuy river towards the Ordovician and Devonian red cliffs, passing our first outcrops of flood basalt on the way. Bring on the rocks!


3 Responses to “Moscow: The Arrival”

  1. Joe Sabol Says:

    Thanks for the site Seth. Best wishes to you for a fantastic trip!!! Joe and Jill in SLO

  2. good luck, let me know how the native burritos taste!

  3. Perhaps if you brought 12 sickles to go with your hammers they would not have questioned you.

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